When it comes to music, people usually get together to listen to it, dance to it, or play it. Not chat about it. Yet every April since 2003, folks from around the globe have been gathering at the Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum to talk about music. The event is called the Pop Conference (http://www.empsfm.org/education/index.asp?categoryID=26). This year’s conference starts today, Thursday, April 15, and runs through Sunday, April 18, at EMP|SFM and the theme is “Music and Technology.” On Friday alone, attendees can learn more about jazz and the blues, not to mention the EMP’s upcoming exhibit on Nirvana. Or conference go-ers can check out sessions on retro technologies, recording studios, and music and science. On Saturday and Sunday, there are conversations on electronic dance music, digital technologies, women in music, hip hop, world music and plenty more. The event kicks off Thursday with an opening reception and roundtable with Nile Rodgers, Joe Henry and Janelle Monáe. Online registration is now closed but day-of registration is still open. Click the above link for a full schedule and registration information.


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