By all accounts this year’s Record Store Day was, again, a success when measured by awareness, turnout and sales. Although so many Record Store Day reports tend to be anecdotal, was able to distill some of the figures and highlights from the event’s co-founder, Michael Kurtz of Music Monitor Network. Record Store Day 2010 was Sonic Boom’s single biggest sales day in their 12 year history; and Silver Platters’ sales on April 17, 2010 were up 80% from last year (which were up 20% from the year before). They were a lot of Record Store day mentions in the media. “From Howard Stern talking us up, to Record Store Day signs appearing on the Today Show, to Jimmy Fallon’s shout out, to the Record Store Day joke on Saturday Night Live, to being talked about on Alice Cooper ’s syndicated radio show, to three different NPR stories, to the publishing of two books with a focus on Record Store Day and indie record stores, and on and on,” says Katz. Also, according to Soundscan, Record Store Day 2010 was the biggest day of sales for vinyl in Soundscan’s history. Follow the above link to see more of the facts and figures of Record Store Day 2010.


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