With more than 300 members, The Seattle Men’s Chorus (SMC) bills itself as the biggest community choir in the country. It’s also one of the biggest gay men’s choruses in the world. Seattle Men’s Chorus concerts are theatrical, with lighting and props. But with the humor and the feel-good also comes moments when the singers connect with the audience in a very personal way. After every concert, it’s routine for the singers to mingle with the audience in the lobby. And that’s when they hear about the impact they’ve made. “We performed in Bozeman in a relatively small venue,” says Chorus member David Bayless, “I went to the front of the house, held open a door and said ‘Thank you for coming.’ And as this gentleman walked by, probably in his 60s, he shook my hand. And he didn’t let go of my hand. And he kept shaking it. And he looked me directly in my eyes and he said, ‘No, thank you for coming.’ And then he started to tear up and cry. I got the sense he had never seen 80-plus men, proud of who they were, as gay men saying, ‘Here is who we are.’ And singing.” Read or listen to the full profile at the above link.


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