Washington band the Melvins’ latest album The Bride Screamed Murder recently cracked Billboard’s Top 200, a first for this band that’s been putting out music for more than 26 years, and NPR has named their song “I’ll Finish You Off” the song of the day. NPR says “To this day, the band explores the pummeling low-end sounds that made its early work so gargantuan; from the cerebral sounds of Tool to the sonic abuse of Pig Destroyer, Melvins’ intense vibrations are still felt throughout the world of extreme music. ‘I’ll Finish You Off’ is loud, proud and backed with a psychedelic wall of guitar distortion, as the group continues a few tricks it’s been executing on its past few albums: recording with two drummers and spreading chorus effects across the vocals. Of course, the voluminous guitar chugs only lend more massiveness to the track, but an organ pops up as the instrumentation’s most surprising addition… More than a quarter of a century into the band’s career together, it’s inspiring to hear Melvins continue to deafen new generations of listeners.”


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